3D сканування – це створення цифрової моделі будівель, фасадів, вулиць, квартир, житлових і нежитлових приміщень, промислових об’єктів зі збереженням текстури та кольору.


  • The complex design of residential, commercial, industrial buildings and public buildings
  • New construction, reconstruction and aesthetic adaptation of buildings to the environment
  • Production of presentation materials (concept projects, sketches, renderings, videos, 3D layouts)
  • Support for the coordination of project documentation for obtaining permits to the appropriate authorities and agencies
  • Aerial photos and video sites and construction projects


Provision of services of engineering and technical:

  • preliminary feasibility studies and research;
  • preparation of project documentation for all design stages;
  • organization of pre-work (topo-geodetic removal of the relief areas, geological surveys, instrumental and technical inspection of buildings);
  • the search for effective and optimal solutions in the design.

Interior design

  • Interior design of public, residential and commercial premises, as well as substantive design.
  • Providing convenience and aesthetic perception, ergonomics, and style in the interior according to the latest design trends.
  • Designer’s supervision during the execution of the contracting organization.


Addressing a wide range of issues – from A to Z.

Construction support

We offer implementation copyright technical supervision of construction of the facility and provide advice in the process.

Our work includes:

  • assist in the selection of a contractor or contractors;
  • monitoring compliance with contractor design solutions;
  • offers operational alternatives that arise during the construction of the detection of unforeseen circumstances;
  • adjustments to the project.