Project of a house, villa

Object name: Project of a house, villas

Address: Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia region

Function of the building: Dwelling house, villa

Type of construction: New construction

Architecture: ZYX studio

Structures and Engineering: Ankon Project Group

Year of design: 2017

Description: The designed residential building is located in the suburbs of Uzhgorod, on a site with active relief on the first line in front of the forest reserve.

The house is harmoniously inscribed in relief, and harmonizes with the environment. The entrance to the house, and the entrance to the garage is on the same level with the street, and it seems a false impression that the house is one-story. In turn, the main volume of the house is a floor below, where the common area, with a focus on the courtyard with pool. On the upper level there are bedrooms with panoramic views of the forest.

The orientation of the house and large consoles of floor slabs provide comfortable lighting from reflected light in summer throughout the day, and means minimal costs for air conditioning and air conditioning. The heating system is designed with heat pumps, which reduces heating costs and increases energy efficiency.