About us


ANKON PROJECT GROUP – is a modern design organization focused on a comprehensive, technological and innovative approach to design and construction in general.

Ankon Project Group started its business in 2009 with the idea of ​​creating an unusual, local architecture with laconic
shapes and straight lines where space and functionality dominate.

Our company pays great attention to the balance and economic feasibility, that is, of high quality construction with minimal cost resources.

The work of the Ankon team is focused on a holistic approach to design, a harmonious blend of architecture, design and engineering.
Only with this approach can all the architectural challenges in designing be properly addressed.

Each of our projects is an individual and exclusive solution. We control every step and are responsible for everything from the idea to the finished object.

  • We design functionally, aesthetically and rationally.
  • Our Values: Quality. Social responsibility. Enlightenment.
  • Mission: to develop modern architecture in harmony with the environment.